Informations about the prices for a tickets in National Park Plitvice Lakes

Plitwice Lakes waterfalls

Croatia offers not only beautiful beaches, warm and clean sea, but also wonderful National Parks for tourists.

One of them is Plitvice Lake National Park, where as the name suggests are famous Plitvice Lakes, which are one of the biggest attractions in Croatia.

Park is located in the north part of country, nearby Bosnia-Herzegovina border.

It was established in 1949 year and is the biggest as well as the oldest park in Croatia.

Recalled earlier Plitvice Lakes consist of sixteen sizable and a few smaller lakes. Water forming beautiful waterfalls flows freely from the highest Lake called Proscanskie to the Korana River Canyon. Difference in altitude between the highest point and the lowest is almost 160 meters.

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I with my wife and one-year-old child went there in the second half of August, although we were worried whether the Plitvice Lakes with a small child and baby carrier will be a good idea.

After access to the park it turned out that it was completely inadequate for families with small children. In many places where are stairs without problem it was possible to make downward slopes but apparently nobody yet didn`t popped to it:)

Of course to such a possibility we were prepared, therefore despite of everything we were pleased with every moment spent in this beautiful place.

plitvice lakes map


From known already reasons, we chose one of the simplest and shortest routes, and after a while we reached to the harbor (P1) where from free, small electric ships sailed away.
After literally a few minutes we were already in the harbor (P2) where from by almost an hour waiting we again sailed away:) to the next harbor (P3).
On the spot there was a sizeable lawn, where it was possible to use toilet or also to buy something to eat.

plitvice lakes path

After a while we headed forward passing in some places by narrow, wooden footbridges located practically right above water sheet. At the end of our walk, waited for us a steep and winding approach (and for me pushing a baby carrier:)).
After reaching the top we decided to use free railway, which took tourists back from St1 station to St2 station where not far from this place was already a parking lot.

plitvice lakes bird eye

Summing up the trip was very successful, although certainly better would be to tour this place quietly oneself or with a bit older child, without tiring pushing a baby carrier:)